And there I go again…


Often times when I can’t get to sleep, I find myself scrolling though headlines reading all kinds of things.

Jennifer Lawrence says something awesome… again.

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke seperate. Gee, that was a real surprise.

The GOP’s Sham Denunciation of Ted Nugent.

Yeah. All kinds of stuff – I read till my eyes cross and I think I can finally go to sleep. But then I find a headline that sparks something… what is that I feel deep in my chest? Oh, hell no, it’s my OPINION!

So, I decided after reading this article that sparked my opinion that I’d share it (gasp) on Facebook. If nothing else, it’s going to start a shit storm in the morning. Really, my first goal was to inspire some intelligent conversation about the article I shared, but I know how this is going down. Same way it always does on Facebook. I’m gonna piss a lot of people off sharing my opinion.

So, here’s to opinions… and perhaps a fair night’s sleep dreaming of ways to tell people how I refuse to apologize for having independent thoughts and opinions.


Wow. Boy, was I ever surprised this morning… in the best way. Sharing that article actually DID inspire intelligent conversation, several of my friends shared with me how they are introducing religion to their children. It was refreshing. Amazing. And a welcome change.

It sure is great to see.


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