Well, this is it.


Here we go, off into the world of blogging. You see, I’ve been talking about doing this for months… even writing a few things in the recent past as notes on Facebook to keep the inspiration going. I’ve always heard it is easier to write what you know. Well, I know some silly shit it would seem – from rants about things that put my panties in a bunch to juvenile jokes that make me giggle like a middle school kid with a few “my kid is so amazing” stories thrown in for decent measure.

I don’t know where this will head, but it’s mine. My place to say what I want without judgement. And I have to say, it feels… well, liberating.

So, here goes… welcome to supermistyspeaks!


9 thoughts on “Well, this is it.

  1. Kathy

    Misty Dawn YOU my little cuz can do anything and will be GOOD at it….sometimes writing things down helps the soul and keeps you out of trouble….no wait a minute you will have a paper trail…….Write for rights!

    • For now, I am finding it very therapeutic! You know strong opinions (and strong desire to voice them) seems to run in our family… I’m finding this means of expression a way to do that without alienating those I call friends who may not share my views. I have also come to realize that I can have a pretty off-balance sense of humor. Maybe I can capitalize on that someday with this blog. Eh, a girl can dream! Thank you for your kind words & support, “Aunt” Kathy! Love you!!

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